S Laughter in the Dark was originally a 30 minute play which won the 1991 BBC Young Playwrights Festival. A series was commissioned on the strength of the play and it became the first episode of the popular comedy series. Starring Paul B. Davies and Rebecca Front.

The series centres around Jack Dunroody a blind detective who only has as many clues as the radio listeners – true whodunnits for radio.

“What radio should be all the time.” Alison Pearson

Episode 1 – Blind Man’s Buff
The simple case of a missing cat takes a sinister turn when Jack gets involved in the murder of famous singer Sacha d’Amour. Click below to play.

Episode 2 – Donne to Death
Jack is a guest in a house which, legend has it, is haunted by the poet John Donne. Donne only appears when one of the family is about to die and as a storm rages outside, blood starts dripping. Click below to play.

Episode 3 – Blind Devotion
Jack is hired by a monestry to protect their Father Superior, but death soon haunts the friars…
Click below to play.

Episode 4 – More Than Meets the Ear
… and Jack finds himself trapped – about to become the killer’s next victim.
Click below to play.

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