Cocaine dealer avoids jail using a scam straight from the pages of How To Forget

When I wrote this particular scam in How To Forget I wondered why we didn’t hear of this kind of law evasion ever happening… and now it does… did he read the book?  Am I going to be implicated?  Read on…

Cocaine dealer avoids jail by pretending he is illegal Mexican  immigrant and gets DEPORTED instead



Liar: Jaime Alvarado claimed he was an illegal Mexican immigrant to avoid jail

An American avoided going to prison for drug dealing by lying to police he was an illegal immigrant so he could be deported to Mexico.

Jaime Alvarado claimed he was Mexican Saul Quiroz when he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and heroin with the intent to distribute.

He lied about his birth date and claimed he was an illegal immigrant TWICE in front of judges.

Alvarado was facing a sentence of up to 15 years but instead was deported, according to court records.

The 27-year-old exploited a system in which law enforcement officials sometimes prefer to send offenders back to their own countries instead of adding to an already overcrowded prison system.

But Alvarado, from Salt Lake City, Utah, returned to the U.S. a month later using his genuine American passport. Instead of lying low he got arrested again in his home city – in connection with the previous case.

Last February he acknowledged during a court hearing that he had lied about his true identity. In a follow-up letter to the judge, he said he regretted his actions and asked for leniency because his family depended on him.

He wrote: ‘I have a good job right now, a lot of little girls waiting for me and a family that will support me. It’s my first offence and my last. I want to spend the rest of my life with my kids!’

He was released by the court, but this week Alvarado was charged in Utah’s 3rd District Court with giving false material statements and giving false personal information to a peace officer.

A $50,000 warrant had been issued for his arrest since he failed to report to state authorities in June after U.S. immigration officers determined he was legally present in the country.

Rishi Oza, an immigration attorney, said Alvarado’s plan is ‘not a risk I’d ever want to take because you’re creating a bigger hole for yourself.

‘More often than not,  a person claims to be legal to avoid detection.I have never seen an American citizen try to get deported.’

via Cocaine dealer avoids jail by pretending he is illegal Mexican immigrant and gets DEPORTED instead | Mail Online.

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